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Blair W. Williams founded WiRED Properties in August, 2005. Blair is a native Milwaukeean and is passionate about Milwaukee. A graduate of the University of Wisconsin – Madison with a B.A. in History, a J.D., an M.B.A. and an M.S. in Real Estate, Blair is also a dedicated Badger.

After graduating from UW, Blair moved to Dallas, Texas with his wife Stacy and spent two years cultivating his passion for real estate. Dallas, a city with many charms, lacked a certain dynamism offered by Milwaukee. In 2000, Blair and Stacy moved back to Milwaukee, where Blair joined the award-winning real estate development firm Mandel Group, Inc.

Integrity, engagement, connectedness and diversity drive Blair in pursuit of business for WiRED Properties. Blair is passionate about diversity of use and diversity of user. Overwhelmingly, Blair is passionate about community

Personally, Blair has been married to his wife Stacy for over 15 years. His parents and three brothers all live in Milwaukee as well. Two young children, two dogs, a golf addiction, myriad outdoor activities and civic and professional affiliations keep Blair's time full.

James M. Wohead, 

Senior Partner of WiRED Construction, is one of Wisconsin's leading multifamily construction executives. A graduate of Bradley University with a B.S. in Construction Technology, Jim has built over 7,500 residential units.

Jim spent over 13 years as Vice President of Construction at Mandel Group, Inc. where he was responsible for the construction of a number of award winning communities. Jim himself was recipient of the 2006 American Insitute of Contractors Wisconsin Chapter "Contractor of the Year Award."

Jim cut his teeth at his family owned residential contractor business. His long experience drives Jim's belief that every contract should make profit possible for the subcontractor. Jim has been married over 30 years, is the father of four and is a hobby farmer on 135 beautiful Wisconsin acres. He provides all of WiRED's soybeans.

Gregory A. Norman, 

Partner in WiRED Construction, is a real estate executive with over twenty years of dynamic industry experience. A graduate of Bowdoin College with a B.A. in Mathematics, Greg also has a Master of Management from Kellogg at Northwestern University.

Greg's extensive experience includes asset management, mortgage banking, project management and 5 years as Vice President of Condominiums at the award winning Mandel Group, Inc. Greg has developed deep expertise in project management, quality control and cutting edge construction technology.

A dedicated father in a household of girls, Greg escapes to the open road as an avid cyclist. On foot or two wheels, he is by far WiRED's fastest team member.

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